Awards, Recognition & Felicitations

The Shared Services Excellence Awards are designed to recognize contributions by Companies and Individuals/ Professionals that are broadly comparable.

Category 1: For In-house Business Services Organizations (Shared Services and IT Services): One or Multiple Service Functions, such as Finance & Accounting (F&A), Human Resource (HR), Supply Chain Management, Operations, Customer Life Cycle Management, Information Technology Services, etc.


a.Outstanding Business Services Centre
– India Servicing


b. Outstanding Business Services Centre
– International Servicing


Category 2: For Delivering Business Impact (within any Corporate Function or Business Services Centre) Through:

Category 3: For Outsourcing Service Providers (BPM or IT)

Effective Business Process Transformation for a Client Organization delivering Business Impact


Successful Launch of Business Services Strategy through In-house or Outsourced Shared Services

Awards & Recognition for Excellence in Shared Services (2011-2020)

The Annual Conclave serves as the platform for recognizing and awarding Organizational Achievements and Professional Excellence, thus setting benchmarks for the industry, and to encourage organizations and individuals to innovate, adopt shared services or deploy best practices as an effective business strategy to deliver business value.