The application process has been kept simple. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR AWARD ENTRY APPLICATIONS. The process involves the following steps:

  • Initial Nomination: Applications are invited from companies/ individuals who have their Shared Service Operations or BPM strategy established within the Indian Subcontinent
  • Award Entry Form: The award entry form as applicable needs to be duly filled in and has to be submitted before the announced last date.
  • Additional Information: Any supplementary information, if required, will be sought and received from specific applicants before through a telephonic conversation.
  • Jury Evaluation: An independent panel of judges will evaluate and score each application. The panel comprises leading experts and practitioners in the BPM and shared services arena. Supporting sponsors who helped to make the awards possible have been in no way involved in determining award criteria.
  • Final Selection: The Jury will decide upon various stated parameters and ensure comparability of the scores for final selection of winners. A telephonic conversation will be held with the award entrants for any specific clarifications required before final selection.
  • Workshop on Business Services: The conclave will include various eminent leaders from the Business Services & Outsourcing Services provider domain, Business Leaders from India corporates and multinationals, sharing their perspectives on the day of the Conclave and Excellence Awards.
  • Awards & Felicitation Ceremony: The Awards, Recognition & Felicitations will start immediately after the Sessions during the scheduled Annual GBS Conclave.

General Entry Rules

  • Any organization – India Corporates, Multinationals, Business Services Organizations (Shared Services & IT Services), Global-In-House Centres, (GICs), and Outsourcing Services Provider organizations, as per applicable category are eligible to submit entries.
  • All submissions should correspond to information and projects on-going in the current Financial Year.
  • All companies are allowed to submit applications in one or more categories.
  • If a company is submitting in more than one category, please make sure it is tailored to the specific criteria and requested information in the application form.
  • Each award entry application must be accompanied by a unique business case presentation and available testimonials showcasing tangible value delivery.
  • Each submission has a separate Application Form. Please supply all data requested in the form. The more complete data you provide, the better the Jury Panel can evaluate your entry.
  • You are encouraged to provide your official corporate presentation for reference along with the Entry forms.
  • Please include visuals where applicable.
  • All submissions will be treated as highly confidential and used for the purpose of evaluating the submissions.
  • The Jury Panel’s’ decision is final.

You can forward all your queries to