Since its inception in 2011, Shared Services Forum (SSF) – India has recognized the innovative initiatives, benchmarks and winning practices of organizations. In order to acknowledge, celebrate, recognize and honour exemplary achievements in transformative strategies and process management by organizations and by individuals, SSF India has been conferring SSF Excellence Awards, Recognition and Felicitations for the last 8 consecutive years. These awards are designed to recognize contributions by Companies & Individuals that are broadly comparable. They have been considered as an industry benchmark by the past recipients who have leveraged the win to showcase it to their clients, their parent companies, to peers and to the industry.

SSF Excellence Awards, Recognition and Felicitations are an integral part of our flagship Annual Conclave held in different cities across the country every year. Besides being benchmarks for the industry, these awards are important to encourage organizations and people to innovate, adopt shared services or deploy best practices as an effective business strategy to deliver business value.


The Shared Services & BPM Excellence Awards & Recognition is applicable to SSCs & BPM Companies who have excelled in their category. The assessment is based on the strategy and goals of such Operations and how the key strategic drivers are identified/ implemented to deliver value to all stakeholders – customers, employees and shareholders. The focus is on excellence in seven parameters, namely Effective Business Process Strategy, Establishing Customer Oriented Practices, Change, Culture & Communication, People & Talent Management, Knowledge Management, Automation and Value Orientation & Maturity.