General Questions

What are SSF Excellence Awards & Recognition?

To acknowledge, celebrate, recognize and honour exemplary achievements in transformative strategies and process management by organizations and by individuals. These awards are designed to recognize contributions by Companies & Individuals that are broadly comparable. Besides being benchmarks for the industry, these awards are important to encourage organizations and people to innovate, adopt shared services or deploy best practices as an effective business strategy to deliver business value. In addition to this, the Awards also provide an excellent networking forum for all attendees and take a comprehensive look at achievements across the globe.

Who can apply?

Any organization – India Corporates, Multinationals, Business Services Organizations (Shared Services & IT Services), Global-In-House Centres, (GICs/ GBS/ GCCs/ ICCs) and Outsourcing Services Provider organizations, as per applicable category(s) are eligible to submit applications.

What will be the parameters for judgement?

The focus is on excellence in seven parameters:

  • Effective Business Process Strategy
  • Establishing Customer Oriented Practices, Change
  • Culture & Communication
  • People & Talent Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Automation and Value Orientation
  • Maturity

Who will be evaluating the nominations?

SSF has constituted an Independent Jury Panel comprising practitioners and veterans with proven experience and expertise in business process management and business services.

What about confidentiality of the application information?

All submissions will be treated as highly confidential and used for the purpose of evaluating the submissions only. We have an internal policy on Confidentiality that all the team members have to strictly adhere to.

Who is the organiser of the awards?

SSF India is a pioneering, interactive platform of Business Process Practitioners & Experts, and Industry Veterans with a vision to create and disseminate knowledge for excellence in Business services, IT & Business Process Management (BPM). We ideate and synthesize ‘best in context’ practices for successful transformation of business process in the corporate world. In order to acknowledge, celebrate, recognize and honour exemplary achievements in transformative strategies and process management by organizations and by individuals, SSF India has been conferring SSF Excellence Awards, Recognition and Felicitations since 2011.

Can only SSF Member organizations apply?

No. Nominations are open to all organizations – both members and non-members of SSF can apply.

Where will the awards winners be announced?

SSF Excellence Awards, Recognition and Felicitations continue to remain an integral part of our flagship Annual Global Business Services Conclave.

We don’t have an SSC. Can we also present our case?

Yes, you can. Corporates also transform their process internally and we have different parameters for evaluation for each category of organization. There are 4 types of organization categories:

  • Shared Services organizations or In-house captives of global or India organizations – serving India or Overseas
  • Corporates
  • Outsourcing Service Providers (BPM/ IT)
  • Newly set-up SSCs – Global or India

We provide services only in India. Are we eligible?

Yes, applicants will be evaluated separately based on the category. There are different evaluation parameters for Business Services organizations or SSCs providing services to India or Overseas.

If we have any additional questions, who should we contact?

For more details or any other queries about Excellence Awards & Recognition, write to The team will be in touch with you in the next 24 hours.

Specific Questions

I am not able to see the changes made to the form, what should I do?

Please press Ctrl+Shift+R to refresh the page. All changes will be updated. Sometimes, the older cookies get saved and the changes are not visible to you even if the form has been updated at the backend. If pressing Ctrl+Shift+R does not show the change, that means the changes made were not saved.

Can we submit in more than one category or sub-category?

All organizations can submit applications in one or more categories. If you are submitting in more than one category, please ensure that each category should have different case story/ project to showcase for excellence. The same project cannot be out up for multiple categories. You must identify and evaluate the major transformation and decide on one category for one case story or project.

If we submit the same project for multiple categories for the value delivery, will it be accepted?

While the project/ case story may have actually achieved excellence in multiple areas, it will be evaluated either for its strongest area that has resulted in a significant business impact or taken up for evaluation from a holistic or an end-to-end transformation point of view (in case it is an SSC) – whichever is more applicable. The jury’s decision will be final.

Is it necessary to give evidence with case story?

It is not necessary but presenting evidence will make your case stronger.

Is it necessary to present the business case for application?

Each award entry application form must be accompanied a unique case story with all relevant testimonials showcasing tangible value delivery. Business case will be a very impactful artefact supporting the project. But this is not a mandatory requirement.

How to connect Innovative People Practices to SSC performance enabling business metrics?

We would like to look at the innovative people practices’ implementation in a holistic manner and not in isolation/ seclusion – thereby, highlighting the overall impact of the said people practices on the core business of your organization.

This translates into:

– how have the innovative people practices that have been implemented in the shared services, improved the performance of the SSC/ GBS?

– how has the improved performance of the SSC/ GBS enabled some of the business metrics in terms of value delivery?

Innovative People Practices à Better SSC Performance à Positive impact on the core business of the parent company/ mothership

Do we have to fill-up all questions in the application form?

Only those questions which are important for your case need to be filled. All such questions have been marked with an ‘*’ for your reference. The form will not be accepted until all relevant information has been provided.

The form is not getting accepted or not moving to the next page. What should we do?

Please check if all the mandatory fields or fields marked with ‘*‘ have been filled. In case you are not able to find the reason for the form to be accepted, please write to us at

Is it compulsory to submit the presentation or the document for the case story?

Yes, please submit the case story covering all the points/ questions in the application in the form of a Word document, PowerPoint Presentation, or a PDF file. There are places provided for uploading these files in your application.

Can we download the application form?

Application forms need to be filled online; however, you will have the option to Print or save a PDF version at any point of time once you start filling-up the application.

We have already submitted the form. Can we make any changes later?

The application form once submitted cannot be edited. We recommend that you use ‘Save for Later’ button till the time you are very sure about your application submission. This way you can make any number of changes to the form before final submission.

The first part of every category looks generic, is that an error?

The first part of the form is meant to understand your organisation; therefore, it is same for all categories.