Knowledge Dissemination through SSF Publications

Shared Services Forum (SSF) India forum also disseminates knowledge through various publications, wherein industry insights, best practices, shared services journeys, innovations, case studies and white papers on BPM adoption are shared for enabling enhanced business outcomes. They become reference points to pioneering thoughts in BPM implementation in Global India.

  • In the year 2012, SSF published one-of-its-kind, Research & Survey Report, ‘Shared Services: The Evolving Direction to Success’, on shared services adoption by Indian organizations, both in the public and private sectors.
  • The 2013 Conclave witnessed the release of the first ever BPM Publication for India, ‘BPM in Global India – the Inflection Point for Competitive Advantage’, a BPM guide that captures the insights and perspectives of the Industry,  both  global  and   domestic,   about their journey, challenges and benefits, and covers services sector/ staff functions and their inter linkages, that help draw inferences for effective adoption of BPM by companies.
  • In the 2014 Conclave, SSF took a major step forward to announce its first edition of the SSF journal, Process Edge titled ‘Not a Choice Anymore’. The quarterly journal commenced sharing practices for enabling a structured strategy for the staff and support processes, thus ensuring cost optimization and greater efficiency, and gaining a Competitive Edge. SSF continues to publish the SSF Journal periodically every year. You can order for your personal copy as well as contribute your knowledge article to be published.
  • As a sequel to the 2012 report, BPM & Shared Services Landscape in Global India, Research & survey Insights 2015 was released, to understand the reality of BPM adoption in the Indian Industry, and fully leverage the best practices in the context of ‘Global India’, the report captured the current state of BPM adoption by Indian companies including ET500 – the drivers, requirements, challenges, functions, processes, practices, technologies used, value realized, and emerging trends for such adoption in the future.
  • In 2016, SSF released one of the first-of-its-kind, Industry publication, BPM Practitioner’s Guide ‘Rebooting Business Process Strategy to Outcompete’, aimed at developing a deep understanding of next practices to enable building sustain differentiators for business in Global India to outcompete, and is based on the interaction and research insights from Industry Leaders and veterans.
  • qSSF recently released Research Report 2018, titled Breaking Boundaries: The Power of Enterprise Service Management – Trends & Practices, basis the extensive research undertaken by SSF to understand the business services landscape in Global India through an extensive survey and interactions with Industry leaders and experts and secondary research. A copy of the report can be purchased from the SSF counter.

Release of Process Edge, November 2018

2018 Research Report Release