• Jury Review: The Jury Chair and Panel will apply the parameters for short listing of Individuals as Exemplary Leaders & Exemplary Achievers for Felicitation.
  • Information: The particulars relating to the short listed individuals are drawn from primary and secondary sources of published information available as well as previous interactions with such leaders and collated for discussion with the Jury Panel for selection.
  • Selection: *Based on the chosen parameters and the above particulars, the Jury Chair & Panel will select the ‘Key Leaders and Key Achievers in the Business Services space for Global India’ for Felicitation.

*Each Individual’s contribution is always unique for the Business Services space and therefore, not fully comparable.

  • Communication: The Leaders are individually communicated of their Selection for Felicitation and are requested to honour their presence at the Conclave for Felicitation

Parameters for Selection

The SSF Felicitations are applicable to exemplary leaders and achievers who have made stellar and unique contribution to Business Services in Global India.

The selection of Exemplary Leaders is based on their focus on excellence in six parameters, namely Pioneering Leadership in BPM Industry for Global India (Off-shoring or Domestic), Individual Contribution to Industry Growth & Transformation, Entrepreneurial Distinctions, Demonstrated Accomplishments, Sustained Engagement in Business Services Space and resulting in Business & Social Impact.

The selection of Exemplary Achievers is based on their focus on excellence in six parameters for any particular Company in India, namely BPM Operations Leadership, Individual Contribution to Company on Strategic Execution, Sustained Focus to Enhance Business Services Strategy, Transformation Orientation, Team Management & Governance and Organizational & Business Impact.

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